Feb 112016

“There is a direct and proportionate relationship between the degree of inconsolable pain that we have and a deep-seated misunderstanding of our real purpose for being alive”.  Guy Finley

Inconsolable pain–that’s the feeling, all right. The intense loneliness we feel when we are in slave jobs that steal our energy and keep us from doing what we were created to do. The loss, or the absence, of a family that we so desperately want to be there for us no matter what only makes life seem more challenging.

The farther we move away from what we were put on this earth to do, the more energy it takes to find our true passion in life. Doing what we love is not meant to be financed by doing what we hate.

It takes courage and trust to follow the path of your heart. Even if you have not yet discovered your reason for being, there is still time. When you follow your heart, everything is possible.

It’s Never Too Late to Be Great! ®

Image courtesy of Joel Harts, Pilot

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